Me too

Today I decided to make a sortie into the brave new world of blogging. I discovered that I could create a free blog through WordPress. Good. I came up with a few titles for my blog, titles that I thought were rather meaningful and evocative – unusual.

“Always writing”, I wrote. Unfortunately this address has been taken, the computer informed me. I tried “writing for life”. Very nice, I thought, it says something that’s important to me. Already taken.

“Journalling for life”? Already taken too.

Are they trying to con me, I wondered. Do they just want me to press that button that says I’ll pay 18 dollars to get the name I want? I tried a few more.

“Life writes”. That’s really smart. I congratulated myself on this witty bit of word play. Already taken.

Life.writes? You may only use lower case letters and numbers, I was informed. No interpolated full stops

Defeated, I ended up with “Always writing 2”.

Me 2 (too), I’m always writing too. I’m journalling for life too. And I have life writes. I have all of that good stuff. OK, I came in a bit late, down the queue somewhere. But I’m here 2 (too).


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